Bodybuilding and HGH

sexy-body-builder-1Human Growth Hormone (HGH) has been a popular supplement to use with many elite, professional and amateur athletes for a number of years.

This type of supplement has become widely used to build lean muscle, making for an attractive option instead of protein powder – which can be filled with unwanted sugar and calories. However, HGH is not something you can just walk into a store and pick up and it carries side effects the user needs to be well aware of.

How HGH Works for Bodybuilders

HGH is released naturally in your body, but as you age the amount that is released decreases significantly. In fact, it starts to decrease right after puberty. By using HGH the person is able to grow new muscle cells, which isn’t possible without HGH. In a sense, HGH can change the genetic makeup of your body.

The amount of muscles a person has is actually a genetic trait. Steroids and weight training can help a person increase the size of the muscles they already have but it doesn’t grow new muscle cells.

By using HGH bodybuilders feel they achieve a more natural looking muscle mass to their body, plus it doesn’t carry the scary side effects excessive steroid use can. HGH is a naturally occurring hormone in the body instead of injecting something synthetic into the person.

Because you are growing new muscle cells, even if you stop using HGH the muscle will not disappear. Of course keeping muscles toned will help with the definition, but your muscles don’t return to their original size like they do when you use then stop using steroids.

Athletes are even using it when training professionally as it usually can’t be found in the body if it’s taken far enough in advance of a test. This is made especially true because HGH is a naturally occurring hormone in the body.

Besides helping the body to grow new muscle cells, HGH also boosts the body’s metabolism which then converts calories into useable fuel instead of unwanted fat.

A person using HGH usually has almost no fat and instead has a very lean body. HGH can even help the body absorb protein and almost doubling the usual amount the body can absorb.

On a cellular level, it helps to promote cell regeneration which means the recovery period is much faster. Other benefits people often realize are increased mental alertness, better sleep habits/patterns, increase endurance, more energy, a better overall immune system and tighter, firmer, more youthful looking skin.

For the person using HGH supplements they are looking and feeling re-energized, which helps push themselves further in their training.

HGH can be administered in a few different ways. The most common is through injections, pills can also be used and even an oral spray.

It should be noted that it is important not to overdose on HGH. If you administer too high of levels too frequently, you can suffer from an extended belly. Knowing the proper dosage schedule is key.

HGH Supplements vs Injections

injectionIn the various sections of our website, you will find us discussing the differences between the two main HGH product options that are making the rounds in the market today.

While it is possible to derive the benefit of increased HGH levels in the system from both options, there is a certain aspect that deserves more attention.

The safety aspect!

Obviously, we place our health on top priority and wish to ensure that the treatment does not harm us in any way.

HGH supplements or HGH injections?

We have always stood by our choice of supplements over injections.

After extensive research, we have come to the conclusion that HGH injections may not after all be the safest option.


Any medicine works fastest in injection form and similarly HGH injections are most powerful and contain the highest amount of HGH per dosage. But this practice of injecting HGH into the body is highly controversial as it is considered potentially risky.

Several dangerous side effects are attributed to HGH injections: diabetes, swelling of joints, hypertension, respiratory problems, organ enlargement and some forms of cancer.

It is these scary side effects that keep us from recommending HGH injections from any manufacturer, to be used for anti-aging purposes.

But that doesn’t stop companies from selling these injections without revealing the side effects to the customers.

Do Doctors Prescribe HGH Injections?

The DEA does not allow doctors to prescribe HGH injections for anti-aging purposes. A prescription is necessary because it is prohibited to provide HGH injections if the patient does not exhibit a medical need.

The only legal form of HGH injections are prescribed to children and adults who suffer from growth hormone deficiency and certain other anomalies.

How About HGH Supplements?

Studies have shown that oral administration of HGH is an efficient method of replacing growth hormone in the body.

The new HGH supplements that are being sold are in fact releasers that are a far better option as they do not contain human growth hormone.

You heard us right – HGH supplements do not contain HGH!

Then why are we even recommending them?

Supplements containing both pharmaceutical and herbal ingredients are available in the market. The ones using herbal ingredients work by stimulating the pituitary gland into increasing the production of human growth hormone.

While these products may not produce immediate results as the injections do, some of them are very effective. They contain amino acids as well as vitamins. There is virtually no risk of side effects from using these supplements.

All HGH Supplements are not the same

All the supplements are not the same. Each one contains different ingredients and differs in effectiveness. The cost also differs based on the ingredients used.

Before buying, understand what the product has to offer, check out the results of research, read customer testimonials and see exactly what you are paying for.

HGH supplements are moderately expensive, but are much cheaper than injections since they don’t require laboratory preparations.

They are nowhere close to the cost of prescription treatments and are wonderfully effective.

Consider it an investment in your health for the long-term and it just might help you lead a better life in every possible way.

Variety of Means of Increasing Height with HGH

grow-taller-professionalOne good way of increasing your height is by taking HGH or human growth hormone supplements and injections that can be bought from the marketplace or from a drug store.

These supplements can boost a person’s height due to the hormonal growth compounds that it contains.

There are lots of purposes for these supplements, not only can it boost a person hormonal growth but also has the capability to cure and treat a lot of different illnesses and increase the height growth of a person. HGH can be taken by a person in two different ways.

The first is by oral intake, HGH can be bought from the market in the form of a supplement or a pill.

Production of a person’s growth hormone inside their body slows down when they are beginning to age or become old.

As a person approaches their adulthood, the production of growth hormones tends to become less more effective and productive.

The best way to solve these kinds of problems is by visiting an attending physician and ask them for a natural way how to bring back the same hormone production that you had when you where still at a young age.

The most common type of supplement that doctors usually provide their patients are the HGH injections and supplements that can increase the hormonal growth and production of a certain person.

Make use of growth hormone injections and supplements. Sometimes, some of the supplements that are being sold in the market are very expensive and costs a lot, especially the injections that cost more or twice as the supplements cost because of the much better effectiveness that it can provide to the patients.

Thou these injections might also be the most effective and fastest way to increase a person’s height, there are still some side effects that may affect the patients dearly or severely.

According to some medical experts and therapists, if you plan on taking these injections and supplements, you must make sure that you are under the guide of a health care professional that will also monitor you for every couple of months.

These health care professionals will be the ones whom will check the hormonal level that you have each month of the year. It is also advisable for you to wear a medical bracelet and a card which will warn or notify the other people around you that you are in an emergency and has been taking human growth hormone medication for past months or years.

A patient must also make sure that they get the proper amount and time of sleep everyday in their life, especially when they are taking the HGH supplements and injections.

Thou this factor may sound like not that important, if a person doesn’t get their proper sleep at night, the body may tend to not produce the right amount of hormones that a person might need for their growth.

But, if a person gets the proper amount of sleep time during the night, their body’s production of growth hormones might boost and will be able to produce all the different hormones that the body needs for development.

According to some growing taller guides, asides from giving the body the right amount of rest, combining rest with sleep will be much more effective and will surely allow it to grow and develop naturally.

Combining HGH supplements with proper exercise at least four to five times a week is also an ideal thing to do to increase your height and the growth hormonal production inside the body. By simple using the different types of exercise that can help a person gain height and weight, they will have the chance to increase the production of human growth hormones inside their body.

The most common type of exercises that are very effective for increasing a person’s height are the certain weight losing exercises that are usually being done inside the gym, bar hanging and high intensity sprints are the best in achieving this goal.

But, the first step when you will likely perform these exercises is to increase and strengthen your back muscles and abdominals in order to get the most of the exercises that you are about to perform.

You may also need to eat the proper balance and diet of food that are very healthy and nutritious. According to some experts, a person must eat foods that are high and rich in amino acids that are proven to be stimulants to the production and increase of HGH inside the body.

Magnesium, copper, iron, zinc, and calcium are also nutrients that are essential for a person’s growth development process.

Remember to eat foods that are rich with these vitamins and minerals in order to increase the hormone levels inside your body and help increase your height.

Why the Controversy Around HGH Injections?

get-botox-injections-800X800The use of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) has come a long way since the mid 1990s and has now become quite commonplace among those who want to slow down or reverse the signs of aging.

Some even take it with the belief it will help them achieve their weight loss goals. Available in three forms, oral sprays, supplements and injections it’s the last one that causes controversy whenever it’s brought up.

So why the controversy around HGH injections? While there are plenty of studies that suggest the use of HGH supplements can in fact be quite beneficial with some really incredible results, the studies aren’t so complimentary when it comes to the HGH injections.

Typically the injections are used by those more serious about their goals – for instance an athlete training for an event or celebrities. T

hese shots can be extremely expensive costing anywhere from $1,000-$2,500 per month and they are only available by prescription, so they aren’t readily available. Of course this is not something your insurance provider will cover, so that is entirely out of your own pocket.

When you are using the injectable form of HGH it is in fact a synthetic form of it. This means it is not a naturally occurring element in your body rather it has been made medically/scientifically to mimic real HGH.

Whether you are careful to stick to the prescribed amount or go over, there are side effects that can often occur especially over long-term use.

Common side effects include pain, neurological issues, pale skin, digestive issues, carpal tunnel syndrome, retaining water, joint pain, heart enlargement, low blood sugar, thyroid and liver damage, extreme hair growth and even swelling of feet, legs, arms and/or hands.

The scariest and most alarming side effect by far is Acromegaly. This is when there is too much growth which can result in overgrowth of hair, bone tissue and even vital organs. If this condition is not treated promptly and properly it can even result in death.

With side effects like these, HGH injections should not be taken lightly. While studies show that these injections might be perfectly safe for short-term use, the fact is that most people end up using them over long periods of time therefore making them quite unsafe in the long-run.

Before considering using HGH injections it’s wise to do your research and talk to your doctor about the pros and cons.

Staring to Look Your Age – Give HGH a Shot

ageing_85768129_143313cIf you’re approaching your 40s there’s a good chance you are now starting to look and feel your age, it’s as though time has finally caught up with you.

If you’re looking for a way to slow down or even reverse the signs of aging both inwardly and outwardly, Human Growth Hormone (HGH) might just be the answer you’ve been looking for.

When we’re young our body naturally produces HGH in abundance which among many other things helps us feeling and looking fit and young. As we age the production of HGH slows down dramatically resulting in those dreaded signs of aging that pulls you into an epic battle.

HGH features a number of claims and benefits and goes so far as to claim it’s even able to turn back the clock in some cases.

Common signs of aging often include:

  • A general loss of stamina, strength and just feeling fatigued more often and easier
  • Carrying a little extra body fat/weight especially in the mid-section
  • Wrinkles start to appear on the face as the skin loses elasticity
  • The brain just doesn’t function as it once did, you forget things more often it seems
  • Your eyesight may deteriorate
  • You lose your sex drive or it decreases
  • A loss in your lean muscle mass
  • You begin to suffer from depression and/or anxiety
  • You are more sensitive to the heat and/or the cold
  • If you workout on a regular basis you may find it takes more time for your body/muscles to recover in between workouts
  • Your cholesterol levels increase
  • The onset of Diabetes

These are just some of the many common signs of aging you may be experiencing. While it is part of nature to go through this process, HGH may offer you a way to slow these signs down or even reverse them.

By taking an HGH supplement you will be ingesting a mixture of natural herbs that is meant to stimulate the pituitary gland in your body that produces HGH to start making more. Once the body starts to make more HGH, suddenly you’ll start to feel the effects you would have back in your teenage years.

People report having much more energy, skin elasticity comes back, memory function improves, lean muscle mass begins to build and so forth.

Although not ideal for all, for many people all natural HGH supplements can really give you a sense of well-being both inside and out in a relatively short period of time.

Bone Health and HGH

imagesIt is a known fact that in the West, awareness of bone health is much more than in other parts of the world, and larger amounts of calcium is consumed through dairy products and supplements.

But what comes as a surprise is the result of recent research, which revealed that the incidence of fractures and death due to osteoporosis is higher in the West.

The study also stated that women in the West are more likely to die from osteoporosis than cancer.

It is mostly women that suffer from osteoporosis. Statistics reveal that osteoporosis is responsible for around 300,000 hip fractures, 250,000 wrist fractures, 700,000 vertebral fractures and more than 300,000 other fractures.

Scientists say that milk, once thought to be the elixir for bone health, may not be the answer for bone health.

In fact, they have seen healthier bones in people who drink less milk or don’t drink milk at all.

A Glimpse at Osteoporosis

Our bones are constantly renewing through the action of osteoblasts, which are cells that form new bones and osteoclasts that break down bones.

From the time of our birth till the time we are in our 30s, the osteoblasts work more by increasing the bone mass. But once in the 30s, it is the osteoclasts that take over and the bone formation reduces dramatically by the age of 50.

The loss of bone mass affects all the bones in the body, including the legs, hips, spine and teeth. One of the worst things that could happen is a reduction in height because of the bone loss.

Researchers found that one of the factors that contributes in a big way to bone loss in osteoporosis is the diminishing growth hormone in the body.

As we age, with less HGH being produced, the growth hormone receptors in the bone become inactive.

Human Growth Hormone Treatment

Treatment with human growth hormone is said to help with increasing the bone mass by a large margin. But studies also reveal that short-term treatment may not be of much use.

A study conducted by Dr. Rudman, on men, over a period of six months, showed that the bone density increased by 1.6% in the lumbar vertebrae with the use of human growth hormone.

The problem was that the other bones, including femur and radius showed no increase in bone mass.

But a two-year HGH study showed a significant increase in the calcium levels and great bone density improvement in all the bones in the body.

Even post-menopausal women showed an increase in the osteocalcin levels, which is required for new bone growth.

Drugs Versus Human Growth Hormone

The drugs that are in use today have the capacity to control bone loss or even stop it to an extent. But the human growth hormone helps in activating the growth hormone receptors in the bones, rekindling the formation of new bone in the body.

Exercise and HGH for Bones

Here we mention of human growth hormone only with relation to high-quality and genuine HGH products.

Plenty of exercise along with growth hormone intake is recommended and has been seen to bring about a great change in bone health.

In fact, even when taking HGH for anti-aging; if you exercise and eating fresh vegetables and fruits, you will find quicker and long-term results.

Human growth hormone products can bring about a great change in your body in more ways than one.

Restoration of bone health can be a boon to people suffering from osteoporosis.


The Correlation between HGH and Bodybuilding

hormone-growth-adjustment2HGH or human growth hormone was also recognized as one of the helpful tool for muscle building and bodybuilding for the past few years.

Studies show that having high level of human growth hormone is essential if you are trying to make muscles on your body.

As the person gets older, he/she will produce less human growth hormone.

However, there are various methods on how to increase the level of HGH. One way is by means of injections, but it shows some side effects.

That’s the reason why HGH supplements are much popular today.

HGH is found on each individual’s body. Children have a high amount of human growth hormone as it is essential to boost their tissue growth which occurs at childhood stage.

Human growth hormone also plays a significant role to regulate one’s metabolism. It is not recommended to use HGH as you grow even though you know that its level is starting to lessen in the body. It is because it can be threatening especially after puberty.

Most bodybuilders see human growth hormone injections and supplements as the best way to form bigger muscles. There are various approaches to improve the level of your HGH on your body.

If you don’t want to use synthetic methods consider the natural one. Many manufacturers produce natural HGH supplements, you can make use of them if you want.

The primary responsibility of growth hormone is to generate growth. Bodybuilders greatly benefit on this hormone as it can help boost their energy to lift up an equipment and tool during their workouts.

Even though the general body growth occurs primarily during your adolescence and childhood, you can still do some things to grow additional muscles on your body.

The routine of bodybuilders is quite strict, but its purpose remains the same. It aims to develop lean and new muscle and decrease the visibility and amount of body fat. Growth hormones are safe for all bodybuilders. In fact, it has numerous benefits which include the following:

  • Boost the mass growth of lean muscles
  • Lower the level of body fats
  • Increase energy levels and stamina
  • Strengthen immune system
  • Improves general endurance

Many bodybuilders have been using growth hormone for the past several years because of the mentioned benefits. Some body builders even said that it is much safer from using steroids. Moreover, it is cost effective and you can choose your desired method.

If you don’t want to stick with injections, natural growth hormone supplements and formulas are the best options.

After using it for several studies, experts found out these natural HGH supplements have no side effects. Instead, it will help you reach your goals in bodybuilding and provide you tons of advantages which you will not find on some products in the market.

Human growth hormones are capable to get rid of your body fat to give you much power. That is the reason why bodybuilders and weightlifters may consume any amount of foods because they can still preserve their desired fat. Once bodybuilders are on their vacation and not having workouts, their gained muscles will not be lost because human growth hormone maintains the muscle growth and tissue.

Growth hormones of every person can raise the process of your metabolism and improve the level of your energy. That’s why you can still feel active even if you are very tired from your exercises and workouts.

HGH will also burn your excess fat. Compared to steroids, human growth hormone promotes boost of defined cells which can lead to increase muscle fiber’s cross section and will not retain water. As results, you will superior quality of lean muscles.

If human growth hormone was not properly secreted, there’s a possibility that it can lead to muscle loss, energy loss, lack of libido, high level of cholesterol, and a shorter life span. The level of HGH slowly declines after puberty.

People who are have ages 30 and above will also experience the effects of reduced level of human growth hormone. According to some research, 15% of the one’s growth hormone will reduced every ten years.

People need to understand the distinction of HGH to steroids. Human growth hormones can allow you to only gain the minimum weight’s quantity. Steroids functions by letting you gain weight through water which gives people troubles in reducing their extra weight.

With HGH supplements, anyone can eat whatever they want because it can burn each undesirable fat in your body.

Buying HGH will never let you down. If you want to have great results on your path to bodybuilding, don’t hesitate to look for human growth supplements.

You can find these on most stores in the market. You may also purchase it via online. So, if bodybuilding is one of your desires in life, then go for it with ease through the help of HGH supplements.

The Gateway to the Fountain of Youth

images-1There isn’t a woman alive who at one time or another hasn’t given some consideration to pills and procedures designed to fight and reverse the signs of again.

And rightfully so, not many people, if given the choice, would elect to experience sagging skin, greying hair or fragile bones.

The question remains, however, is it possible to reverse the signs and symptoms of aging, or at the very least slow them down a little, without having to undergo costly surgical procedures?

There are many ways to offset the aging process while maintaining a youthful appearance. Despite the deviousness of physical appearance, being youthful is not entirely about looking youthful on the outside, youthfulness also extends to the normal functioning of the body as a whole, energy, vitality, bone structure, etc.

The cosmetic industry is overflowing with procedures, creams, and beauty products designed with the intentions of restoring the exterior look of the young, however, very few options exist to maintain an internally healthy body structure as a person ages.

For anyone hoping to combat the effects of aging, restore their youthful appearance, and maintain a healthy body structure would be wise to research the benefits of Human Growth Hormone, or HGH supplements. Supplements derived from Human Growth Hormone allow the body to establish greater HGH productions.

Human Growth Hormone is a naturally occurring polypeptide hormone, stored in the anterior pituitary gland, which encourages the growth, repair and regeneration of cells in the body. Human Growth Hormone also directs the manner in which other hormones in the body reproduce.

While it is possible for Human Growth Hormone to play and active role in reversing the aging effect, in order to fully understand its positioning it is better to first understand what aging actually is.

The most widely acknowledged signs of aging include: wrinkles, arthritis, heightened cholesterol levels, and osteoporosis. It should be said that conditions like these can be caused by aging, but, they can also be caused by other internal body changes. Many are surprised to learn that wrinkles are not a direct result of aging.

A great number of people reach age 60, but exude youthful radiance and a healthy body. How do they do it? Many believe that the answer to that question can be found in the levels of human growth hormone available in their bodies.

It is already known that human growth hormone governs the production of other hormones in the body, so at age 35 (or even earlier) when the body ceases to secrete HGH, it is possible to experience a deficiency in the production of other hormones; which often results in age related symptoms like blotchy skin, a weakened immune system, and fragile bones.

All of this can be prevented by maintaining healthy levels of human growth hormone in the body.

A large majority of the benefits of human growth hormone can be attributed to the ability to maintain a healthy body and preserve a youthful appearance. By maintaining healthy HGH levels in the body it is possible to delay, and possibly even reverse, the signs and symptoms associated with aging.

HGH And Link To Weight Loss

We live in a super fast age where our eating habits leave a lot to be desired. Eating processed and ready-to-eat foods has become the norm.

If our food habits are bad, the way we go about shedding the excess weight is even worse.

Super slim is in and in an attempt to achieve that, people abuse their bodies with weight loss programs that harm more than doing any good.

But the quick weight loss craze has taken over the obese population.

Taking advantage of this desperation, are the companies who use their crass commercialization, promising drugs that prove to be harmful in the long run. Crash diets may show a visible difference in the short run, but they can lead to health problems by changing the body composition.

Why blow up a lot of cash and end up being sick, when you have other options?

The Connection Between Human Growth Hormone And Weight

As we get older, it becomes difficult than ever to lose weight. This happens because of advancing age. As we age, the naturally-produced human growth hormone in the body diminishes.

This reduction of growth hormone levels causes several issues associated with aging, such as lower metabolism, lower energy, muscle loss and many others, along with the inability to lose stubborn fat that leads to weight gain.

Replacing HGH to Lose Weight Quickly

Several studies have shown that replacing the reduced human growth hormone in the body leads to weight loss within a short period of time.

The body looks re-sculpted through fat loss and muscle toning. No more dieting or exercising till you drop dread. Of course, exercise is essential for each one of us; young or old.

But you don’t ever have to look at the fad diets.

Fat around the abdominal area is stubborn. If you are overweight, you already know how hard it is to get rid of it and how easily it seems to make its way back.

By using human growth hormone, you will see an amazing difference while you lose weight

If you’re expecting to lose weight in a day, then I suggest you go back to your fad diets.

Losing Weight The Natural Way

I have communicated with hundreds of obese people who have lost weight with human growth hormone replacement. Yes, your body will start responding almost immediately, from day one. However, a noticeable change will only be seen after a couple of weeks. Over a few months, you will find your body getting back the shape it never had.

Here is how your body changes when you use Human Growth Hormone:

  • Digestion improves
  • Muscle tone gets better
  • Lean body mass increases
  • Metabolism improves
  • Cellulite reduces
  • Body fat decreases

It’s not just that, everything else from heart health to mental focus to skin to hair to nails show a great improvement.

Accumulated Fat? Water? Loose Belly?

We all have different needs where weight loss is concerned. Some of us are evenly distributed in fat and others have fat gain in specific areas of the body.

People on steroids for muscle building may need to lose water weight. Women going through menopause also have an increase in water weight.

Some of you have fat deposits in the abdominal area that don’t budge, no matter what you do.

Whatever your concern, HGH replacement will help you lose weight and gain muscle tone.

Injections are Not Recommended

I’m not a fan of injections as I’ve seen people suffer from side effects. Not everybody will have a problem with HGH injections but I still wouldn’t recommend since there is risk involved.

On the other hand, I recommend HGH supplements for maximum effectiveness and for best results.

I have personal experience with some highly genuine supplements and have seen over the years that they really cause no mentionable side effects.

I feel the need to specifically state again that choosing the right HGH supplement is of utmost importance.

Human Growth Hormone – Is it Safe?

It absolutely amazes me how many new dietary and workout supplements are on the market today.

Some promise to transform you into a superhuman freak of nature, while others promise to cure baldness and make you instantly desirable to any woman who walks past you.

Others promise to help you fill in that bald spot or even naturally give you a face lift.  However, do any of these things actually work or are these products just feeding off of our desire to feel younger?

One particular segment of the workout supplement market that is experiencing huge popularity currently is the human growth hormone, or HGH, market.

The name sounds a bit ominous and instantly conjures up images of muscle-bound guys injecting this stuff into their veins to get “jacked” as if it was some new form of steroid.

Many of these HGH enhancer products promise to help you lose weight and feel younger by increasing energy levels.  Sounds great doesn’t it?

But are these products and their associated claims just the latest scam to hit the market or do these supplements actually deliver results?

Human growth hormone, generally speaking, is a naturally occurring protein hormone in the human body which helps promote healthy cell production and metabolism.  When we’re young, our veins are literally flowing with this stuff.

However, like everything else, when we get older, it starts to dry up but can be enhanced through a good diet and regular exercise.  Eventually though, even strict diet and exercise regimens will not produce the results we want.

HGH promises to deliver the results we are all looking for; increased stamina, energy, weight loss, and increased muscle mass.  After doing my homework, I realized that a growing segment of the health and exercise community is actually experiencing some amazing results with HGH supplements.

HGH is available on the market in the form of injections, oral sprays, and pill supplements known as HGH releasers.  Injections, as the name would imply, involve directly injecting growth hormone into the bloodstream.

This method is known to be quite effective but is extremely expensive.  Just one injection received each month can range upwards of $2000 and are not sold over the counter due to the potential risks involved.

Oral sprays are another alternative method of getting HGH into your body, but do they work?  The prevailing consensus is that oral sprays are not terribly effective because they are not well-suited to pass through the membranes of the mouth or the intestines and will, therefore, probably never reach your bloodstream.

The third option, known as a HGH releaser, is typically sold in pill form.  These pills are taken several times a day and facilitate your body’s increased production of HGH by stimulating the pituitary gland.

Although these pills are probably the most affordable, and successful, route to go about promoting increased HGH in your body, it is vital that you find a high quality product that uses natural, herbal ingredients.